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GG02 (Grosella i Grandalla), empresa ecológicament involucrada amb Infomaniak Networks, Switzerland

GG02, empresa involucrada ecològicament

Carta ecológica en preparació...


to Grosella i Grandalla and its websites, the GG02 echo Web2 Hub… Grosella i Grandalla is a publishing house under construction located in the north valleys of Andorra (read F.A.Q. Why Andorra? coming soon). The people working with Grosella i Grandalla or helping it to grow are mainly European citizen and come for serveral regions like British Midlands, Alsatia, Basel District in Switzerland, French Free-County, German Bavaria, Spanish and French Catalonia, Occitania, North and South Iceland. The three official languages of Grandalla i Grandalla are Catalan, English and French. As a publishing media structure specialised in foreign languages, Grosella i Grandalla of course accept all languages of the world at its production. Spanish, German, Russian and Arabic are also common languages in GG02 Echo. We try to reference the languages we meet along the way organizing them in the Lingua, Linguæ section of Babel·lab websites, or weblaboratory specialised in Foreign Languages. By foreign languages we also mean computer languages and also try to help people into understanding not only the modern, antiques or endagered languages but also new grammar and neologisms that the new information and communication technologies have brought to us during the last century (XXè).

Grosella i Grandalla is a cross-media project nestled in the XXI century: involved in the sustainable industry, life and leisure and also in the e-book development trying to invent dialogs between the paper and the byte.

For the moment Grosella i Grandalla and its websites
The GG02 echo Web2 Hub are: babel·lab, a laboratory specialised in foreign languages and cultures; Ж³, a literature label specialised in poetry and micro-literature, GG02 Radio a suite of radio channels.

Day by day at Grosella i Grandalla we try to connect GG02 Library paper ressources with free contents on the World Wide Web to produce augmented contents both on paper and on screen. One of the largest current project we are working one is the publication of a solsticial review called El Llangardaix (The Lezard). You can access the draft version of ot at this address:
One of the other current leading projects of our enterprise, firm and factory is the official launch and developement of local or specialised webradios available at under GG02 Echo Radio label.
Benvinguts at GG02 echo Web2 Hub, els llocs web de Grosella i Grandalla, editorial / Bienvenue sur GG02 echo Web2 Hub, les sites web de Grosella i Grandalla, maison d'édition.

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Grosella i Grandalla és una editorial especialitzada en llengües i cultures del món. A la Xarxa Grosella i Grandalla es desenvolupa gràcies a vàries plataformes i zones de producció i R+D, al voltant de l'aprenentatge multiple de les llengües i al voltant de la nova literatura. El primer semestre del 2011 el nostre projecte d'empresa va ser seleccionat per Govern d'Andorra per formar part de l'edició 2011 del Tallers d'Emprenedors. Aquí van madurar dues línies de producció per iniciar aquest estiu 2011 la transformació de dos protòtips en productes industrials.

Així en 2011 treballem a la producció de la segona aparició d'un recoll de poemes multilingües a través del segell Ж³ i a la producció del número pilot del Llangardaix, revista gran públic solsticial, un consensat de les activitats de les dues provetes més actives del conjunt GG02 Echo: Ж³ i Babel·lab.

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GG02 Echo on Facebook GG02 Echo on Twitter gg02 echo on youtube
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