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babel.lab bàbbling lab
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Digital and paper poetry & literature
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G² Zïne, digital magazine
magazine numérique
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Webcontents, multimedia production, information treatment, workflow management, ICT trainings, Press reports and releases, website localisation (eu), translations

ggø2gg02 echo geraldine grun and its subdomains are a R&D webplatform of GG02, a project funded in 2003; this digital echo reply and its subdomains (g2, g3, radio, babel) are used to share information, prototypes and editorial or educative products, books, useful links. They act as drafts for the activities of the GG02 Network such as publishing, informing, e-learning...


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If you are interested in being a member of the GG02 Network, please send a mail to

GG02 are a member of "La Fundacio per la Pau", Barcelona
Babel.lab contribute to Olca "Ja fer unseri Sproch", Strossburi
ж3 publishing label are a member of

Latest news
: trades jan.2010- and G2 Zine will work together to provide webgames allowing surfers to learn arabic alphabet.

current version, history, hosting

GG02Websites were created in 2003. The second version of ggø2 websites- GG02Echo was put online in march 2008 along with the purchase of the associated url domain names:, This version of GG02Echo, the third one, has been online since August 2009.

infomaniak hostingIt is currently hosted by

At the moment is composed of four entangled "gg02reply" dimensions or nodes :

Contact :



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