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babel.lab message

Bl@tt ?

In Scandinavian languages [blat] or [blad] mean "leaf" and can be used to name the leaf of a tree or any other sheet of written or printed material. In a word, a leaf.

blaetterBy extension nowadays it also means newspaper (Informationsblatt). You probably know the German business newspaper Die Handelsblatt or the daily  Icelandic Morgunblaðið.

Das Blatt in German becomes
's Blàtt in Alsacian.
In our e-Blatt* the Alsacian Swedish [a] à has been replaced by an @. As a matter of fact the letter à does not suit to the subject field of an e-mail* whereas the old latin letter @ does suit to it.

Of course you can also see the mark of an Anglo-Saxon genitive in it. Indeed most of the contents of [gxg]'s Blàtt will be provided by G2Zine.
e-Blatt=electronic Blatt
e-mail=electronic mail


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